School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Client: Yale University

Contract Value: N/A

  • Relocate existing sanitary, storm, teledata, and electrical systems to enable construction of new academic building
  • 5,000 c.y. of structure excavation (earth)
  • 15,000 c.y. of structure excavation (rock)
  • Excavated 20′ wide x 35′ deep x 80′ long tunnel in rock under existing utilities for the installation of subterranean pedestrian and utility tunnel
  • Installed four 1,500′ deep open-looped geothermal wells and associated piping
  • Installed 1,200 l.f. of underslab groundwater collection piping
  • Completed all site finishes including building backfill, concrete sidewalks and walls, and site furnishings (benches, bike racks, bollards)

camputaro excavating CT  camputaro excavating CT  camputaro excavating CT